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Words matter, words have power

Today I was watching the Little League World Series.  One of the players made a great play that resulted in a run, putting the team in the lead.  I was … Continue reading

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Her eyes, her smile, her walk. Ease of being in a crowded room, Able to make you feel like the center of the universe. Carefree attitude, Laughter that incites more … Continue reading

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Attack mode

When people insult women, they not only attack their character but their looks and clothes.  Would it help to enlighten people if we used that approach for both men and … Continue reading

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Au natural

Her thick eyebrows left many people wondering why she did not pluck them.  But she preferred to go au natural.  And the men she dated liked it too. Pluck

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Keep it professional

Professional athletes should not be referred to as girls. Professional athletes (regardless of age) deserve to be called women or ladies. This is a professional courtesy. Male athletes are called … Continue reading

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Old surf chicks

  Surfing seems to be a sport of young women. I know quite a few ladies in their teens and twenties who surf. But as the age decades pass there … Continue reading

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My gray mother’s day

Happy Mother’s Day

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