Swell Time

Moving forward, just not sure where we're going, but at least we're having a swell time when we do it.


Awkward, No, clumsy, that’s a better word. No way to prepare The moment just comes. What you expect and what really happens, Does not match. Dry mouth Sweaty palms Nerves … Continue reading

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Any given day

Any given day, It could happen, To us, our babies, Our family, our friends. Places we take for granted As being safe Well, we used to anyway. Today, in a … Continue reading

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Out west

California dreaming, Follow the dream Move out west. One day I did. Move west, for work. The dream and reality Were very different. I felt out of place Like I … Continue reading

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Black pearl ring

Grandma owned a black pearl ring. Black pearl not white pearl. Her ring stood out to me Not because of beauty (But it is beautiful) Because it is different, bold. … Continue reading

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On my walk, I see a beautiful wall There is a painting on the wall, a woman staring at the sun A bush That in the spring blooms the most … Continue reading

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It’s spring today! Blooming flowers, Warm weather, Bunnies bounding through the yard. But, Everything feels like it did yesterday, When it was still winter. Identical

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The man stared across the table Looking out at the water, Thinking of her. Sipping his wine, Wondering Is she really just going to the ladies room? Blush

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