Swell Time

Moving forward, just not sure where we're going, but at least we're having a swell time when we do it.

Too much alliteration

The night stirred as the cloaked man slowly sauntered down the sidewalk.  As he strolled, he suspected too much alliteration in the space between his ears.  So he stopped. Cloaked … Continue reading

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No one really cared

As he drove his frustration grew and grew.  Ralph told everyone that he was the best and fastest drive on the island.  But today, each time he tried to make … Continue reading

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That stupid play

The shrew tamer was angry. He was out of work after that stupid play. People began to think he was in the business of dealing with people when all he … Continue reading

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Question who you are

I’ve heard it is much harder to change what we believe than to chance an idea.  I guess when you believe something it becomes part of who you are, your … Continue reading

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Strolling and Humming

“She’s superficial, uh huh.  That girl is superficial.  Oh yeah.  Always frontin and pretended, uh huh.  That girl is superficial.”  Brassy strolled down the street singing and humming. Superficial

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Elastic Season

Thank goodness, my favorite fashion season is coming up- elastic season. Time to bring out the sweaty pants. Elastic

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Musings from a moronic genius

“What are you doing?  Seriously, what are you doing?” Aaron looked up from his work.  Silently he shrugged. “When you do work like this, it makes me wonder if you … Continue reading

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