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(Un)Dying to Meet You

“Your hair is stunning.” I never expected to hear something like this. In my mind I would get grotesque stares and whispers. As I walk by, I would hear people … Continue reading

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My gray mother’s day

Happy Mother’s Day

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Weir having fun now

Coverage of the Olympic games is usually pretty drab, pretty hum drum, and pretty run of the mill. In the 2014 Sochi Olympics I found some coverage that is pretty … Continue reading

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Oh I look good

I’m not sure what sparked this thought. It may have been the Title Nine catalogue I got in the mail. It may have been my new Athleta swimsuits (yes I … Continue reading

February 8, 2014 · 3 Comments

3 weeks later

I’ve not only gone gray but I’ve gotten a new style. The change meant I had to get to know a whole new person…..me. For me changing my look changed … Continue reading

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Be yourself as long as you fit my expectations of who you should be

There are conflicting dialogues.  One encourages people to be themselves and express themselves.  One encourages people to fit the expectations other people have. Women’s hairstyles fit nicely into these conflicting … Continue reading

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Pixie cut princess

Kids and long hair can be a challenge. I remember my daughter managed to get her hair tangled up so badly one time the only thing I could do was … Continue reading

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