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Keep it professional

Professional athletes should not be referred to as girls. Professional athletes (regardless of age) deserve to be called women or ladies. This is a professional courtesy. Male athletes are called … Continue reading

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A time for champions

If I were to ask who was second place most people would not know the answer. People remember the winners. Though we remember the winners, some of the best stories … Continue reading

April 5, 2017 · 1 Comment

And UConn wins another, yawn.

University of Connecticut is one win away from winning another national championship. The team holds the record for longest consecutive win streak and their record this season is 36-0. This … Continue reading

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To community college and beyond

Kia is nearing the end of her high school sports career. We are in the middle of the basketball season which means track season is right around the corner. Graduating … Continue reading

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One Goal

For me there wasn’t much running in 2014. Getting injured early in the year can put a damper on any plans for running. And getting a really fun injury does … Continue reading

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When Jim changed his diet and started logging his food I jumped on board. I find that when both people in a couple do something together both people are more … Continue reading

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It is all in a name

For some reason when I find out the name of my injury it makes the injury less scary.   This week my knee pain got a name, Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. … Continue reading

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