Kid problem or adult problem?

I’ve seen so many posts questioning why there was a walk out yesterday and proposing that instead these students need to be a better job of extending an olive branch of friendship and doing things to stop bullying.

Yes- we need to do a better job with kindness and not bullying.

But the thing I find most ironic is that a lot of people who I see making these posts are some of the same people who did a lot of bullying after the election.  Calling people snowflakes, libtards, and other not so nice things.  I hate to break it to the world, but that is bullying.  You can’t just write it off with, hey guys I was just joking.

And to make things worse, our kids watch this behavior.  And when you ask our kids not to bully other kids where are they going to learn this behavior if we are part of the problem?  Or is this just another situation where we want our kids to fix an adult problem?


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