Swell Time

Moving forward, just not sure where we're going, but at least we're having a swell time when we do it.

Ache in her heart (Brassy)


“Girl, how do you just strut around on the stage like that?”  Jerry watched, he was not able to take his eyes off of her.  She had this way about her, something that none of the other girls came close to.

Brassy just smiled.  She knew there was nothing to say, she already made her point.

The other girls watched too, mixed between awe and envy.  They knew that she was a lock for the gig.  They also knew that they all needed this, they needed this in a way that Brassy just could not comprehend.

But no one knew the ache in Brassy’s heart.  They just saw what she let flow from her.  And in this moment, it was pure soul.



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