Cotton candy and angel wings


If we all listen we should be able to hear it.

Jim looked at his wife with a confused look on his face.  His wife was intently listening.  As he leaned over to say something, she smacked his shoulder and gave him a stern look.

Oh, there it is.  Wasn’t that beautiful?

Jim looked at his wife, to pick up on the right cue because he hadn’t heard anything.  She smiled and nodded.  Everyone was in the midst of sharing their experience saying things like oh it sounds like angel wings or cotton candy.  Jim wondered what those things really sounded like, but he followed his wife’s lead and smiled along.

When they got into the car, Jim looked at his wife.  What did we hear?  I’m not sure, but I did hear the tour guide squeak out a tiny fart right when everyone leaned in.

Jim thought to himself, farts must be what cotton candy and angel wings sounds like.



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