Swell Time

Moving forward, just not sure where we're going, but at least we're having a swell time when we do it.

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Our lives, interconnected Weaving together stories Creating a fabric, That binds us together. Knit Advertisements

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The little guy

Rooting for the underdog, the Cinderella story, the little guy gives us hope.  It gives us that bit of hope that the system is not flawed and scaled so heavily … Continue reading

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Have mercy on my soul

There was a time when Jim and I would fight and it felt like everything would end.  But as we’ve matured and grown as a couple, we both realize that … Continue reading

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Kitty in the box

It is so like a nest, but really it is nothing more than a box.  Kitty loves to curl up inside.  She especially likes it when it is cold outside.  … Continue reading

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Snow, wind, and ice

There it was, sitting on the beach and in the water.  From the car it looked beautiful, but really we knew once we went outside the picture of serenity would … Continue reading

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Is there a particular problem in our relationship we should focus on or is the whole thing a problem? Particular

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Lunar cafe, still working on the atmosphere. Atmospheric

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