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Moving forward, just not sure where we're going, but at least we're having a swell time when we do it.

Monthly Archives: September, 2017

The perfect pass

Jerry took off, sprinting down the field.  He looked over his left shoulder and eyed the ball spiraling through the sky.  Perfection, Arnold launched another flawless pass. One more step … Continue reading

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Are we getting punked?

It was odd.  When Candace walked into her wedding all of the women were wearing the same outfit.  Not only that, she discovered everyone had the same hairstyle.  But the … Continue reading

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What does it mean?

As kids, many of us learned the words to the pledge of allegiance.  But did we ever learn what it really meant? Memorize

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What side of history will you be on?

I wasn’t alive in the 60s.  So it makes me wonder, if I were alive during civil rights movement what would I have done.  I would like to believe I … Continue reading

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