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Graduating and moving on to college

When your kids move out and head off to college it is a big day.  At some point you realize that after you drop your kid off, they will not be coming home with you.  From that point forward, life will be different.

Probably one of the most striking things about the moment is realizing how one of the happiest days of your life is one of the saddest days of your life.



5 comments on “Graduating and moving on to college

  1. GANSU
    August 26, 2017

    I agree, how it feels after sending your kid to college. Your whole life changes.

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    • darcy_roland
      August 27, 2017

      Thanks. It is strange to know that your kids have this whole life you know so little about, and it really hits you when they don’t come home each night.

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      • GANSU
        August 27, 2017

        I know, its been a full year since my son went to college. So how about you, do you have a kid in college.


      • darcy_roland
        August 27, 2017

        My daughter just finished 2 years at the community college and this weekend we dropped her off to finish the rest.

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