Purging my feelings after Charlottesville


The day after the “protests” in Charlottesville I was sad.

After going through social media some of my sadness shifted to mad.  I found that people were defending free speech. What troubled me is that some of the defenders of free speech have qualifiers about who and what constitute free speech.  In the past they offered complaints about musicians and athletes saying they need to just stick with entertaining.  But the first amendment does not specify who is allowed to speak freely.

If we are going to support free speech, then we need to support it, period.

The country has tried to limit hate speech, however the courts find that these limitations can infringe upon and limit other areas of free speech.

People hate for reasons that I can not understand.  What happened in Virginia felt like we took a trip in a time machine, people using fear and hate to unite a group.

I am ready for people to get really honest about race, values, what they will tolerate and what they will allow to happen.  I want people to take a deep look inside themselves to find out their biases and prejudices, and stop pretending they have no bias.





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