Swell Time

Moving forward, just not sure where we're going, but at least we're having a swell time when we do it.

Monthly Archives: July, 2017

Philosophy for living

People strive to fit in and be average. Those who try to be above average, overachievers. Me, I will be below average, why go for a standard when you can … Continue reading

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Long underwear, socks, and trousers

We were sitting around one day trying to think of what to call the new branch of our company.  The launch was just a few weeks away.  Everyone loved the … Continue reading

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Sitting at the table

There were times when she thought her little brother was nothing but a pest.  Then as they got older, that little brother became the person she needed in her life. … Continue reading

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Stories mom told

Even shallow water can be dangerous.  That is what Evan thought as he sat with his toes barely touching the edge of the water. When he was growing up he … Continue reading

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Tom knew that if he stayed where he was he and it would remain hidden.  But he also knew that it was unrealistic to stay here forever.  Aside from the … Continue reading

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Sorry, you just don’t do it for me

The idea of drinking tea is such a romantic one for me.  I’ve even tried to replace my usual coffee with tea.  But it turns out I love coffee.  I … Continue reading

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Connection to the past

Progressive, innovative, ground breaking.  These are words that people often associate with good.  Traditional sometimes gets a bad wrap.  Probably because people hear traditional and decode that to mean old. … Continue reading

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