Free barley pops

It was one of those days, nothing to do. Bob and I were just walking around town. We wanted to go the mall, but after our last time at the mall, well we decided that getting chased around by a mall cop on a Segway was just not worth it. It was a nice enough day so we went down by the pier. Maybe someone would be out fishing or something.

When we got down there, there were just a few guys sitting. Bob and I had never seen these guys before, but we went down anyway to say what’s up and see if they were catching anything. They gave us a warm welcome, and asked if we wanted a beer.

Bob and I were not one to pass up on some free barley pops.

We stayed for a while. Told stories. And when it was getting late, we left. Mom would be mad if we missed dinner.

Bob was sad to go, but it didn’t phase me much. I wasn’t sure why he was so excited. He kept saying something about, how we had just spend the afternoon hanging with The Roots. I’m still not sure what he was talking about, but that’s Bob for ya.



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