Rhetoric and truth and understanding


Last week I had surgery on my foot (again) and it’s given me a lot of time to reflect, relax, and to read a lot of social media.

Leading up to the election and post election the social media landscape has changed.  There are less videos and pictures of kittens and babies, they’ve been replaced with a lot of people sharing news articles and hateful rhetoric.

The articles I find quite interesting.  I have to admit since the election I’ve learned more about government and laws.  What a great thing to learn more about how our democracy is intended to work.

However the downside is that social media is also filled with a lot of hateful rhetoric.  I’ve got quite a few friends with views that are very different than mine.  And in a sign of being open, I’ve decided to read the articles they have posted.  Unfortunately, the articles that are posted lack substance or fact.  They are garnished with a flashy headlines and filled with hateful language.

These articles are written to appeal to emotions and appeal to what someone believes.

So I struggle, how do we begin to understand each other if we do things to strengthen our beliefs and view opposing beliefs as threats?  Are we on a path to destruction?


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