Sleepy time…

Sleeping Darcy

Most of us don’t give much thought to sleep; that is unless you have difficulty sleeping. I’ve always thought of myself as a pretty good sleeper. I go to bed early and I wake up early. I seem to have energy in the morning. And then one day Jim said to me, you snore, really loudly.


I’m not a snorer. (And to this day I am still in denial about my snoring but one day Jim will record me, I’m sure of it.)


I love sleep. Sleep has so many restorative qualities and important benefits like lowering stress hormones, helping you heal, and letting muscles recover. Let’s face it, I love sleeping because of just how awesome it is.


Not only did Jim point out I snore (and loudly is how he put it) but he followed up with- you should get a sleep study.


It took a while but I finally did, last night I got wired up for bed and did a sleep study. In the weeks leading up to the study I became more aware of my sleep. I began to question if I was getting good sleep. I began to wonder if in the morning I was really feeling restful.


Now we wait. Hopefully I can sleep well waiting to hear my sleep is.


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