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Moving forward, just not sure where we're going, but at least we're having a swell time when we do it.

Monthly Archives: July, 2016

The scientific approach to life

When I was a little kid I did not like the way shredded coconut tasted. It wasn’t so much the taste it was the texture. Something about it was just … Continue reading

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What is the real debt?

Who needs Plato, Socrates, or Descartes?  Are people like Picaso, Georgia O’Keeffe, or Andy Warhol really necessary?   We all know that philosophy and art rarely lead to lives of … Continue reading

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Sleepy time…

Most of us don’t give much thought to sleep; that is unless you have difficulty sleeping. I’ve always thought of myself as a pretty good sleeper. I go to bed … Continue reading

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Morning Coffee

One of my favorite times of day is morning. And now that summer has arrived, I love going outside and drinking my coffee.   There is something so magical about … Continue reading

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