The flip of a coin



IMG_1574     IMG_1576

Jim and I weren’t sure what to do today. We were torn between riding our bikes or going for a hike. We left our fate in the hands of a quarter. With a flip it was decided, heads we were going for a hike.

We’ve been in Rhode Island for just over three years. Most of our exploring has been confined to the tiny island we live on. But lately we’ve been venturing out, trying to see all that our little state has to offer. Being military we move around every few years, maybe we’ve finally gotten the urge to explore because we know our time here is limited.


Today we found ourselves in Wyoming, Rhode Island. (Pretty funny to find a state within a state.) Our destination was a short trail that ends at a pond and beaver dam; appropriately named Beaver River Nature Preserve. The trailhead was in the middle of a neighborhood and without the help of Siri we may not have successfully navigated the roads.


The short trail was easy to navigate and it ended with a spectacular view.


Afterwards we stopped next to nowhere for some ice cream.


Days like these don’t happen often enough and when they do we need to be present and cherish them.


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