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Monthly Archives: March, 2014

Check you out

Jim and I went to the library today. It was a library where instead of checking out books, we checked out people. When you checked someone out, they sat down … Continue reading

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Those who can’t play….coach

The latest word on the ankle injury (and keep this in mind it is very official) “boy you did a number on this.”  On a happy note I start physical … Continue reading

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Six things I learned in my bunny slope ski lessons

Originally posted on What's Beyond Heavy?:
Finding success at Deer Valley, Utah. Photo by Whitney Tressel When people moan about being too old to learn this sport or that,…

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The magic of childhood Begins to wear As the conscience Wanders into a state of understanding. Right Wrong Acting with a sense of malice. Becoming selfish. Innocence Just a temporary … Continue reading

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My pimp ass cane

Three and a half weeks ago I landed in the doctor’s office with a bum ankle.  I didn’t expect three and a half weeks later to still have pain, swelling, … Continue reading

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Finish the race

The other day Jim and I were watching Paralympic snowboard cross.  (Thankfully it was available on demand or we would have missed it completely.) The American men rocked the event. … Continue reading

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Listen, I’m a patient and a person

Doctors are amazing.  Their job is to diagnose injury and illness and get people feeling better. I applaud them for their effort.   While doctors do a lot of great … Continue reading

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