The love of the games

If you walked into our house right now you have a really good chance of finding us watching the Olympics. I have no idea when my love affair with the Olympics began but every two years now (I remember when it was every four) we get excited about the competition of nations.


There is something magical about watching athletes who prepare for this one moment. For some athletes competing in the Olympics is a once in a lifetime opportunity. For others they come to redeem themselves after a poor performance. And there are the athletes trying to defend their medal.


While we get swept up in the medal count I suspect the reason I am so enamored with the games is the stories. The athletes have such amazing stories. Stories of dedication, stories of courage, stories of inspiration.


In our house we will continue to watch the games and be awed by the athletes and their families. Oh and we will keep watching curling, one of our favorite sports in the winter games, and we can’t forget about Johnny Weir!



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