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Monthly Archives: February, 2014

The funk is lifting

Everyday my knee feels stronger, not completely pain free but definitely stronger. I realize I am at a point where I can either find a way to work with my … Continue reading

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Silver changes with the sport

The Sochi Winter Olympics comes to a close today. As I reflect on the pageantry and competition some things stand out.   Figure skating has yet to shake the reputation … Continue reading

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Five perfect races

Last year Jim and I flew down to Orlando so I could run my fifth and final Princess Marathon. For a few days we escaped the bitter cold of New … Continue reading

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Weir having fun now

Coverage of the Olympic games is usually pretty drab, pretty hum drum, and pretty run of the mill. In the 2014 Sochi Olympics I found some coverage that is pretty … Continue reading

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What will you decide my legacy is? (Daily prompt)

What will you decide my legacy is? (Daily prompt) Simple Minds, The Breakfast Club, Judd Nelson defiantly throwing his hand in the air as he walks past the goal post. … Continue reading

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Learning to take the plunge…REALLY???

Originally posted on Culture Monk:
By Kenneth Justice ~ ” Kenneth, I guess I would say it’s mind-blowing. I go through the motions every single day of my life and looking…

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The love of the games

If you walked into our house right now you have a really good chance of finding us watching the Olympics. I have no idea when my love affair with the … Continue reading

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