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Being honest, just saying

Being honest, just saying

(Daily Prompt: Truth or Dare)

Can a person be too honest? Yes. Following up brutal honesty with “just saying” doesn’t ease the blow. Being honest to the point of being a jackass just makes you an honest jackass.


Honesty is a great thing; it goes hand in hand with integrity and being honorable. However, is it always the best policy? That statement in itself can be dishonest because it implies that in all situations a person chooses to be honest. There are few people in the world who always tell the truth, even kids.


Kids lie so they don’t get in trouble the same way adults lie so they don’t get in trouble.


People say they love the ugly sweater they got for Christmas when they really hate it.


During a break up it is common to say we’ll stay friends, but most people don’t.


Honesty is important. Brutal honesty can be cruel. Saying you are always tell the truth……be honest.



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