When new wears off

New things are just more fun.


Think about how beautiful freshly fallen snow is. But after a day or two people walk all over it, dogs pee on it, and it gets terribly dirty. It loses the newness and just ends up there, until it eventually melts.


There is an excitement when things are new. Unwrapping a new toy, sliding into the seat of a car with that new car smell, kissing someone for the very first time.


The feelings can be overwhelming.


New brings such euphoria.


Unfortunately new is just the beginning; it is the point where you get started.


After the new goes away, things either get comfortable or you have to do something called work.


I think about new projects and ideas. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement, easy to imagine the end result. But ideas stay ideas if you just admire them or if you just imagine the end result.


Getting started with something new can be challenging, because it may push you out of your comfort zone. But finishing can be even more challenging because it requires tenacity and sticking with it when the fun and new wears off.


Great doesn’t happen in the beginning.



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