I want a new drug



Since my knee went out last month I have not been able to run or surf. Running and surfing are the two sports where I get a huge rush of endorphins. We can call it by a whole bunch of names, but in reality that’s how I get high.


Surfing and running also allow me to be liberal with my calorie intake. I enjoy eating and need to find a way to keep moving while my knee recovers.. I started practicing yoga again, which has been great for my back. And I joined a cross fit gym in the hope that a something new would spark my interest. Unfortunately my knee doesn’t approve of my workouts.  After almost everything I do (even those boring leg lifts) my knee feels achy. So that limits what I can do. I can’t really push myself as much as I want. And while I am moving so I can eat, the endorphins aren’t happening.


Enter- Ben and Jerry’s.


Ice cream has become my new drug. It feels really good when I am eating it, but I don’t think the affects last very long. I’ve found myself sitting in the middle of the day with an ice pack on my knee and a bowl of ice cream in my lap. My friend Kendra pointed out, eating ice cream in the middle of the day is better than doing drugs.


She is right, ice cream is a much better choice than some things I could be doing to my body. But I want a new drug. One that won’t make me fat. One that makes me feel like the take off or one that makes me feel the joy of running with no destination. I love you Ben and Jerry’s but this can’t last forever, while you lift me up for a moment, in the end I feel flat.





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