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In the mind of Darcy

Right now on Facebook people are sharing “things you might not know about me”.


Instead of using Facebook (and this will inevitably end up being shared there) I though it would be just as fun on my blog.

10 things you might not (or you might) know about me.

1-    My mother and my daughter are my biggest sources of inspiration and motivation.  DSC00460

2-    My dad is the reason I have passion, drive, and fight.  DSCN1859

3-    Jim is my rock and my sounding board, he reminds me to have fun and enjoy life.  DSCN1641

4-    One day I want to tell a story on the Moth and give a talk on TED.

5-    When I take things to dumpsters at night (which I don’t have to do often) I am afraid a raccoon or something will jump on me and tackle me.

6-    I really want to do…

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