Birthdays, Wakes, and Celebrations


Last night Jim and I went to Busker’s for the first time. Busker’s is an Irish Bar in downtown Newport. Since we moved here we’ve been meaning to check it out. We’ve heard good things about them. Instead of just going we kept talking about it. After two and a half years we finally made it. Our friend Kevin was hosting a wake for his father Dave.


Jim and I only met Dave once; it was at Kevin’s birthday party. Our encounters with Dave were about life. A birthday party is to honor the day you start life. A wake is for the end of life, the end of the journey.


A wake, while it is bittersweet, is a celebration of life. People come together and pay their respects and remember. The wake wasn’t about Dave dying it was about how he lived. And from the number of people in attendance, he lived.


Moments like these are excellent times to assess how well you live.


It took Jim and I two and a half years to get to a restaurant we really wanted to try. We had plenty of excuses ranging from we are too busy to it’s on Thames Street and there are too many tourists. Really there is no time like now. Dave thanks for finally getting us into Buskers. You will be missed.


Kevin and Julie- you are in our thoughts and prayers.


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