Our Celebrity Friends

In the mind of Darcy

Jim and I like to pick celebrities that can be our friends. Please note the dynamic, I said be our friends not celebrities we want to be friends with. We usually find candidates after we watch celebrity interviews. We pick them because they say something funny or did something we find interesting. Jim and I look at each other and say, they could be our friends.


The list is always evolving. For example when Jim and I first met he wanted to punch Justin Timberlake in the face. Now we both think he is worthy enough to hang out with us.


I’ve noticed most of the people we pick are comedians or just really funny. Our list (and this is not all encompassing so any celebrities we’ve left out we are sorry) includes Maya Rudolph, Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Fallon, Molly Shannon, Will Farrell, Steve Carrell, Dennis Leary, Will Smith, Peyton…

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