I am not fast

I am not fast.

People often look at me and mistake me for a fast person. They look at my build, their minds leap to she’s really tall and lean, and therefore she must be built for speed. But my pace is not like the cheetah. I aim to be slow and steady, like the proverbial tortoise.


While I do recognize I have the potential to be swifter, I actually enjoy running the steady race. I enjoy being with the middle and back of the packers. I like seeing people who are striving to make a big accomplishment such as finishing their first race. I also love being able to enjoy the scenery and to take pictures. And after really long runs I like to have energy so I can still enjoy my day.


So maybe one day I will call myself fast. And possibly in the eyes of some I am fast. But fast or not, how about I just call myself a runner.


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