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Monthly Archives: November, 2012

A Running Tradition

Many cities around the country host a Thanksgiving race. It is a wonderful pre-meal celebration where you get to burn calories in preparation of the pending meal. Families kick off … Continue reading

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Welcome to Hogwarts

  I was browsing through Newport This Week, looking for interesting things to do. One of the ads stood out, Fort Adams was hosting a Quidditch Tournament. This piqued my … Continue reading

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I am not fast

I am not fast. People often look at me and mistake me for a fast person. They look at my build, their minds leap to she’s really tall and lean, … Continue reading

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What I learned from the MCM

  In 2010 I set my sights on doing the Marine Corps Marathon. I printed the course map and had it pinned next to my desk as a reminder of … Continue reading

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Your teens do need parents

Working parents face a lot of really tough decisions regarding balancing work and family. Military parents face many of the same challenges, but they face a few additional ones. One … Continue reading

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