Jim and I were on a run from our house to the beach. It was a beautiful evening and a great night for a run. On our return to the house a big orange cab passed us. It sounded like someone in the cab yelled, “Freaks”. Jim and I were the only pedestrians on the street. My guess is that comment was intended for us.

I’m not sure how to take being called a freak. It’s a word that tends to have a negative connotation. A freak is often viewed as someone who is not mainstream. A freak is someone who just doesn’t quite fit in.

If running makes us freaks, I’ll take it.

I’ve never really thought of running as something that was not mainstream. If you go to a race there are hundreds and sometimes thousands of people running. That means there are plenty of people who are okay with being a freak.

And honestly if being a freak brings me the benefits of being happy and healthy, I’ll choose freak any day.


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