It goes so fast

Last month if you had asked me to go for a 20 mile run, I probably would have accepted without hesitation. This month if you asked me to go for a 20 mile run, I would probably suggest we go get some waffles smothered in whip cream and syrup.

What has changed in a month?

Since my last run I have been sidelined with a foot injury. I am coming back as slowly as possible to make sure the foot is better. Everything indicates my foot is healed but in the process of healing my foot I have undone everything else.

The few workouts I have done my lungs feel like they are going to collapse. I run for about 15 minutes and then stop hoping someone will come along with an oxygen tank.

The worst part for me is the desire to go running has disappeared. Immediately after the Princess run I was so eager to hit the pavement. My body craved running. The feeling has changed. The first thing I think when I wake up in the morning is not let’s go for a run, I think about what to have for breakfast.

This weekend Jim and I went for a run together. There was frost on the car. I almost convinced myself it was too cold for a run.

The muscle memory will come back. With each run I’m sure I will begin to work past the pain of moving forward and move to the joy of being a runner again. I can’t wait to feel like an addict again. I’ve fallen off the wagon.


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