Stir Crazy

After logging at least 20 miles a week going to 0 miles in a week is a shock to the system. It feels a bit like running as fast as you can into a wall and then falling down from the impact not able to get up again. Of course I am imagining that is what it feels like because I try avoiding running into walls.

It’s not just the limited mobility that is killing me it’s the forced sitting. I take the time to make sure I do activities that require me to sit down. My computer and I are really getting  to know each other well. All of the sitting is getting to me. At work I find myself getting up on the crutches and wandering the halls just to get moving.

Physical fitness is part of my job. Though I’m confident I can still pass my assessments I like to be able to actively participate in our physical training program. Since I can’t I am going things to get a work out. Boy my arms can feel it. Crutching to the store is exhausting but it’s burning all the extra energy.

Going stir crazy does have a dark side called boredom. That is when you are really likely to get hurt because it’s when you think it’s a good idea to try tricks with your crutches.

This weekend it’s time to retire the crutches, put some weight on my foot, and see how it’s really feeling. I still won’t be able to run, but hopefully it is the first step in that direction.


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