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March’s Coast Guard Mom- Kelly Johnston

Today via facetime I got to interview our March mom Kelly Johnston. Her family is currently stationed in Florida and they are getting ready for a transfer season. She shares with us some of her challenges and gives great advice for finding balance in managing family and career.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly when I was in Florida. We are both runners and we got to share our love of running most recently at the Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon.


2 comments on “March’s Coast Guard Mom- Kelly Johnston

  1. Candi
    March 2, 2012

    Sometimes I don’t know how families get by when both parents are service members. Kelly is right on – no matter if your a service family or a civilian family – there has to be a line of open communication and a CONSTANT one! And if one of them is on the road a lot, or deployed, or at sea for a length of time, patience. I’m glad Kelly has patience.


  2. uscgparentingnetwork
    March 2, 2012

    Candi you are exactly right, communication is so important.


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