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Moving forward, just not sure where we're going, but at least we're having a swell time when we do it.

Monthly Archives: March, 2012

Is there a RIF in our future?

Is there a RIF in our future? For those not familiar with the term a RIF is a reduction in force. In the early 90s the Coast Guard had a … Continue reading

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Those Days

Those Days We all have those days, The one’s where the cape doesn’t seem to fit right. So instead of even putting it on You fold it as neatly as … Continue reading

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Dunkin Donuts Drive-thru

Dunkin Donuts Drive-thru This morning on my way to work I stopped at the Dunkin Donuts to pick up some coffee. This is outside of my normal routine. Usually I … Continue reading

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Photographs, Regret, and Building Memories

Photographs, Regret, and Building Memories Last night my daughter was looking at some of her photo albums. The pictures were of the times she spent with my parents. Seeing the … Continue reading

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Growing up, you see a lot of the same things today that we saw when we were kids.

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Finishing Last

The other day I was talking with a fellow runner. We were both saying how we like to watch the last person finish a distance race. Of course the person … Continue reading

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Moving Time Again

Moving time again Around this time last year my husband and I were beginning to plan our move. I was TAD in school and Jim was in Miami when we … Continue reading

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