Swell Time

Moving forward, just not sure where we're going, but at least we're having a swell time when we do it.

No lesson was learned

Another week and the drill instructor refused to let the platoon unfurl their guidon. Three weeks passed since the group came together and depriving them of this one privilege was … Continue reading

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Pictures and condiments

Some things are excellent grainy, pictures.  Well of course unless you are trying to use them to solve a crime.  Then a grainy picture is not so much nostalgic and … Continue reading

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The crew huddled

The crew huddled together.  Tom the captain looked at his men, scanning the huddle and trying to gauge each one of them.  He was searching for signs of confidence.  Eyes … Continue reading

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Purging my feelings after Charlottesville

The day after the “protests” in Charlottesville I was sad. After going through social media some of my sadness shifted to mad.  I found that people were defending free speech. … Continue reading

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There it was sitting in front of her.  The horror and disgust, the thought of looking at it yet alone eating it made her skin crawl.  Tanya never understood people’s … Continue reading

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PB and J

Your peanut butter and jelly sandwich, sure, we'll have it to you in a jif. Jiffy

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Messy and needs to be cleaned

If you look at my desk you would probably say that it is messy and needs to be cleaned.  But I happen to get plenty done and generally I know … Continue reading

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