Swell Time

Moving forward, just not sure where we're going, but at least we're having a swell time when we do it.

People say I’m crazy

The world gets pretty busy.  And most of us forget to take time to step out of the busy and be in the moment.  Honestly, a lot of people find … Continue reading

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Dude- the cell phone local

Dude, can you tell me where the gas station is? For a second the dude looks up from his phone, then points. Thanks dude. Local

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Thoughts of a vampire

Certain things make me cringe.  However, the things that make me cringe are not the normal things that affect other people. I’m weirded out by sunbathers, people wearing shorts, and … Continue reading

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Control, one of the biggest illusions we hold on to.  Well, control of others.  The reality is that we can only control our reactions to things.  When we lose control … Continue reading

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Do not quit

Honor, courage, commitment.  These are the Navy and Marine Corps core values. People often struggle with finding meaning in these words.  The hang up is sometimes that people try to … Continue reading

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Busted hand

Willy, why do you keep playing paper? I’m not man. No seriously, you are. Every time we get to three, you throw paper. Oh, yeah I guess it looks that … Continue reading

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Boot scootin

  I’m a fruit loop, I’m a fruit loop. Chelsea ran around the house singing this.  Her mother wondered where she learned this. I’m a fruit loop, I’m a fruit … Continue reading

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