Swell Time

Moving forward, just not sure where we're going, but at least we're having a swell time when we do it.

Nothing more than a reality TV show

People wonder when it happened, but really we all know.  One day our country is a real country, a place people take seriously.  And the next, we are nothing more … Continue reading

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Motion sickness?

“So the instructions say that you need to hit the release button. Do you have any idea where that is?” Frantically Harold looked around, feeling with his hand for a … Continue reading

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The express line

Isn’t this the express line? Yeah, sure it is. Seriously, express?  This is the slowest line I have ever been in. First off, have you stood in every single line … Continue reading

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Thank you

Think of brave and we often think of heroes.  People who are willing to stand up and put themselves on the line.  Many of us, think that the only type … Continue reading

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The truth is risky

The truth is risky While the truth may be the light Light shines Light sheds a light The truth can tell you Things you thought were true May not be … Continue reading

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Part of the problem

Men being loyal, trying to posture and fit in with other men.  That is part of the problem. Loyal

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How high does this go?

Up, up and away. How high does this thing go? Should be as long as the rope. And if the rope breaks. Guess we’ll see. Ascend

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